The Ultimate C64 Games Collection on 2 CD's

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The Commodore 64 was the World's most popular home computer back in the mid 80's, selling over 17million units Worldwide.

This amazingly easy to use and stunning value for money 2 CD set actually lets you play C64 software on a number of other systems, including Windows, amiga & Mac.

The CD 's include all you need to get going, including numerous easy to use C64 Emulators aswell as around 15,000 all-time classic Commodore-64 games and software titles.

Just insert one of the CD's, and within minutes you could be playing your most memorable game!


The C64 Games archive CD's are undeniably the best value Commodore emulation CD 's available with the best selection of classic C64 game titles available anywhere. This full commercial release comes supplied in a stylish DVD box with full colour covers and user manual. Why spend months trying to download a heap of D64 or T64 game files when for one low price you'll get two full multi-format CD 's to use on your home computer, with easy to understand instructions and all ready to go....

Commodore 64 Emulator DVD Box Scan


  • Test Drive II
  • Ultima V

  • Bards Tale III

  • Camelot Warriors

  • Quadex

  • Kick Start II

  • Killer Rings

  • Nebulus

  • Nemesis

  • Hard `n Heavy

  • He-man

  • The Hobbit

  • Hot Wheels

  • Salamander

  • Exploding Fist

  • Summer Games

  • Winter Games

  • arkanoid

  • armalyte

  • Buggy Boy

  • Sanxion

  • Delta

  • Bruce Lee

  • Cauldron

  • Chop Lifter

  • Dan Dare

  • Thrust

  • Elevator

  • Frak

  • Frogger

  • Galaga

  • Hacker

  • Tetris

  • High Noon

  • Hollywood Poker

  • i-Ball

  • Joe Blade

  • Jack The Nipper

  • Jump Man

  • Karateka

  • Katakis

  • Last V8

  • International Karate

  • Last Ninja

  • and 14,900+ more...

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 C64 Games arcahive CD's contains around 15,000 software titles, originally made for the Commodore 64, But now you can use them on your home computer, using our superb emulator!


C64 Games archive CD contains around 15,000 software titles, originally made for the Commodore 64, But now you can use them on your home computer, using our superb emulator!

15,000 C64 GaMES!
  • Shoot'em Ups
  • adventures
  • arcade
  • action
  • and more
Order Information - ORDER ONLINE NOW with CrediCard or Paypal

Installation could not be simpler, the main emulator can either be run direct off the first CD or you can easily install it onto your harddrive. Once running simply choose a game from the list and click RUN. There really is not much more to it!

Windows 95/98 ME/NT/2000/XP - amiga - MSDos - Mac - Linux - Unix and more.

"I have to say, I am so impressed with this collection of Original Commodore Games.

I was sceptical when I ordered it, because of the low price, but when I received it, Iwas proved wrong. It is such good value for money. This is GREaT Fun,  and the games load in less than 2 seconds!"  

Mr L. Taylor - London,UK

Order Information - ORDER ONLINE NOW!!! Technical Information & Compatability hUGE LIST OF JUST SOME OF THE FEaTURED GaMES! arcade Games Screen Grabs

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15,000+ Classic Commodore-64 Games on a Stunning Value Double CD-ROM...

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